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Test application

Every bigloo-lib sub-package includes a small Scheme interpreter named driver. When installed, this application is renamed after the name of library with bigloo- as a prefix. For example, the common/driver executable is installed by ${exec_prefix}/bigloo-common name.

This application has all the sub-package procedures accessible from interpreter. It treats all command line arguments as scheme sources and tries to load them. Being executed without command line arguments, the application just calls (repl).

This application aims at two goals. Firstly, it used to run tests after compilation (while make check is executed). Secondly, it helps much in a course of development, to quickly test the code just written.

The application also takes these options:

-I <path>
Add path to path list where the application looks for to files to be loaded. This option may occur more than once in a command line.

prints the subpackage version number and exits.

prints the usage information and exits.

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