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Bigloo libraries

bigloo-lib is a collection of libraries for Bigloo, the Scheme programming language compiler (http://www-sop.inria.fr/mimosa/fp/Bigloo/). Most of the libraries are ready-to-use interfaces for various C-based packages, such as C runtime library, Gtk++, LDAP client API or XML parser API. Other are done entirely in `pure Scheme', such as HTTP library and NODE library.

Besides, the bigloo-lib provides a comfortable framework to configure, compile, install and deploy Bigloo (in particular, system-dependent) libraries, so it is quite a good place to put code created by other Bigloo developers.

1. General info  
Linking note  
Test application  
2. Compilation issues  
3. Bigloo Common Library  
4. Bigloo SQL database interface  
5. HTTP/CGI support  
6. Generic tree interface  
7. XML parser (expat interface)  
8. GTK+ interface  
9. Bigloo LDAP interface  
10. Bigloo OpenGL and gtkglarea interface  
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Type Index  
Procedure Index  

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