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has-answer? on session4.0.3 Session management
history-append3.13.8.5 Managing the History File
history-arg-extract3.13.8.6 History Expansion
history-clear3.13.8.1 History List Management
history-current3.13.8.2 Information About the History List
history-expand3.13.8.6 History Expansion
history-get3.13.8.2 Information About the History List
history-get-event3.13.8.6 History Expansion
history-get-history-state3.13.8 Initializing History and State Management
history-list3.13.8.2 Information About the History List
history-read3.13.8.5 Managing the History File
history-remove3.13.8.1 History List Management
history-replace3.13.8.1 History List Management
history-search3.13.8.4 Searching the History List
history-search-pos3.13.8.4 Searching the History List
history-search-prefix3.13.8.4 Searching the History List
history-set-history-state3.13.8 Initializing History and State Management
history-set-pos! Moving Around the History List
history-state3.13.8.1 History List Management
history-stifled? History List Management
history-tokenize3.13.8.6 History Expansion
history-truncate-file3.13.8.5 Managing the History File
history-where3.13.8.2 Information About the History List
history-write3.13.8.5 Managing the History File

iconv-close3.9 iconv - charset conversion procedures
iconv-open3.9 iconv - charset conversion procedures
iconv-write3.9 iconv - charset conversion procedures
import3.11.6 Directives
isatty3.8 Miscellaneous stuff

kmp-step3.7.9 Searching

ldap-add9.1.3 LDAP data modifying
ldap-answer9.1.7 LDAP misc utilities
ldap-bind9.1.2 LDAP connection
ldap-commit!9.1.7 LDAP misc utilities
ldap-count-entries9.1.4 LDAP searching
ldap-defbase9.1.7 LDAP misc utilities
ldap-delete9.1.3 LDAP data modifying
ldap-delete-recursive9.1.7 LDAP misc utilities
ldap-destroy-cache!9.1.5 LDAP cache control
ldap-disable-cache!9.1.5 LDAP cache control
ldap-enable-cache!9.1.5 LDAP cache control
ldap-errno9.1.6 LDAP errors handling
ldap-error-string9.1.6 LDAP errors handling
ldap-explode-dn9.1.7 LDAP misc utilities
ldap-first-entry9.1.4 LDAP searching
ldap-flush-cache!9.1.5 LDAP cache control
ldap-get-attributes9.1.4 LDAP searching
ldap-get-dn9.1.4 LDAP searching
ldap-get-values9.1.4 LDAP searching
ldap-init9.1.2 LDAP connection
ldap-message-free9.1.4 LDAP searching
ldap-modify-add9.1.3 LDAP data modifying
ldap-modify-delete9.1.3 LDAP data modifying
ldap-modify-replace9.1.3 LDAP data modifying
ldap-next-entry9.1.4 LDAP searching
ldap-open9.1.2 LDAP connection
ldap-result9.1.4 LDAP searching
ldap-search9.1.4 LDAP searching
ldap-set-cache-options!9.1.5 LDAP cache control
ldap-unbind9.1.2 LDAP connection
ldap-uncache-entry!9.1.5 LDAP cache control
ldap-uncache-request!9.1.5 LDAP cache control
load-relative-extension3.4 MzScheme compatibility module
localtime3.10 Time-related procedures

make-directory3.4 MzScheme compatibility module
make-iconv-encoder3.9 iconv - charset conversion procedures
make-kmp-restart-vector3.7.9 Searching
make-parameter3.4 MzScheme compatibility module
make-termios3.13.1 Termios
make-tm3.10 Time-related procedures
md53.8 Miscellaneous stuff
mktime3.10 Time-related procedures
mmap3.8 Miscellaneous stuff
module3.11.6 Directives
munmap3.8 Miscellaneous stuff

next-history3.13.8.3 Moving Around the History List
node-add-attribute!6.1 Node attributes
node-add-child!6.2 Node tree navigation
node-ancestors6.2 Node tree navigation
node-attribute-list6.1 Node attributes
node-attribute-string6.1 Node attributes
node-atts6.1 Node attributes
node-atts-set!6.1 Node attributes
node-bind!6.2 Node tree navigation
node-bind-descendants!6.2 Node tree navigation
node-children6.2 Node tree navigation
node-children-set!6.2 Node tree navigation
node-data6.4 Other node procedures
node-descendants6.2 Node tree navigation
node-display6.4 Other node procedures
node-dn6.3 Node naming and grove lookup
node-ifollows6.2 Node tree navigation
node-ipreced6.2 Node tree navigation
node-lookup6.3 Node naming and grove lookup
node-lookup-global6.3 Node naming and grove lookup
node-lsiblings6.2 Node tree navigation
node-modrdn!6.3 Node naming and grove lookup
node-next-hierarchy6.2 Node tree navigation
node-parent6.2 Node tree navigation
node-parents6.2 Node tree navigation
node-parents-set!6.2 Node tree navigation
node-prev-hierarchy6.2 Node tree navigation
node-rdn6.3 Node naming and grove lookup
node-remove!6.2 Node tree navigation
node-remove-attribute!6.1 Node attributes
node-replace-attribute!6.1 Node attributes
node-root6.2 Node tree navigation
node-rsiblings6.2 Node tree navigation
node-set-attribute!6.1 Node attributes
node-siblings6.2 Node tree navigation
node-subtree6.2 Node tree navigation
node-title6.4 Other node procedures
node-valid?6.4 Other node procedures

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